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2002: Baltimore Judge's Report on Red Light Cameras
A full copy of a report by Maryland Judge Keith E. Mathews on red light cameras in Baltimore.

Maryland Judiciary
After hearing a number of complaints from motorists, Judge Keith E. Mathews, Administrative Judge for the District Court of Maryland, investigated the use of red light cameras in Baltimore. He presented the report linked below to the city's Mayor Martin O'Malley in 2002.

Judge Mathews' examination of actual red light camera citations found many motorists were being ticketed at intersections where the yellow signal time was below federal standards. Moreover, he documented several inconsistencies in the way Baltimore and camera contractor ACS operates the program.

This copy of the judge's full report was transcribed by

Article Excerpt:
A rough analysis of approximately 181 citations yielded the following statistic. Approximately 39% of the citations had inconsistent yellow lights or a yellow light setting inconsistent with the city standard. Most alarming are instances when the inconsistent yellow light times have been less than the 3 second federal minimum. Nearly 10% of the 181 citations surveyed had a yellow light prior to the red light of 2.9 seconds. This is inconsistent with Federal standards and presents a grave danger to Baltimore City drivers.
The DOT's response to the Court's written inquiry regarding any increase or decrease in collisions where red light cameras are in place was vague and incomplete. Data for only 14 of the 47 intersections was available. The 14 intersections were not named. In addition, the limited data provided was presented according to the group of 14 intersections as a whole and contrasted with all signalized intersections in terms of percentage increase and decrease of collisions.

Source: Red Light Camera Enforcement System in Baltimore City (Judge Keith E. Mathews, 11/25/2002)

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