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London to Ticket Idling Cars
London introduces a new "vehicle idling" ticket program.

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London is introducing "pollution wardens" whose job will be to issue £40 tickets to cars that are legally parked or stopped with the engine running. Because the city does not allow the use of cell phones while driving, so motorists who pull over to take a call would be unable to use their car's heater or air conditioning.

Transport for London claims that these moves will reduce pollution and noise within the city. Both commercial and private vehicles are subject to citation. So far, the first borough to implement the program has issued 500 warnings.

Article Excerpt:
"First we were told not to take phone calls while driving or risk being fined for that. I pulled over to the side of the road to answer my phone and was approached by a pollution attendant who gave me an official notice. Surely they have better things to do. It is becoming a nanny state, with motorists the prime victim" [one motorist said.]
Source: Fines for keeping motor running (Evening Standard (UK), 4/8/2005)

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