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Cameras Damaged in Oldham and Derby UK
Two cameras in Oldham, UK are repeatedly targeted and a Derby camera is torched.

Oldham speed camera
An anti-camera activist has successfully kept speed cameras in the borough of Oldham, UK out of commission by spraying over the lens with silver paint. As soon as the camera on Featherstall Road in Chadderton is repaired, it is sprayed again. This has happened since last October. Since March a camera on Manchester Road in Werneth has received the same treatment, and police have no leads in the case.

A speed camera on Nottingham Road in Long Eaton was torched around 4 am on Saturday. A large 7-inch pot was placed atop the camera and set on fire. A similar incident last November caused £35,229 in damages on Tamworth Road and a burning tire caused £7,703 damage to a Burton Road, Derby camera last October.

Article Excerpt:
Driver Neil Andrews, of Blackley, who uses Manchester Road every day to get to work in Oldham, said: "I think it's a daft place for a camera anyway. I can understand people's frustration."
Source: Is one man waging a war on speed cameras? (Oldham Advertiser, 4/6/2005)

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