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Italy: Top Model Poses for a Red Light Camera
Italy turns to a top model to promote a new road safety campaign.

Megan Gale
Italy's Road Ministry has tapped top Australian model Megan Gale as the official spokesman for road safety. Her new job is to encourage Italian motorists to "slow down."

Gale, 29, explained that she prefers driving in her home country because, "There are more police on the road, more speed traps and red-light cameras. They've cracked down a lot in Australia, whereas here they're more lenient, although the Italians seem to think their law's quite tough."

Gale has starred in three Italian films and is widely recognized from her role in cellular phone advertisements. Vice-Minister of Transport, Mario Tassone selected Gale for the road safety campaign because, "Megan Gale is genuine and gives a strong message."

Article Excerpt:
Ticking off the paparazzi for making too much noise as they jostled for photos, Gale spoke in fluent Italian to urge young motorists to "respect the rules and behave responsibly on the roads." Later, she admitted she coped better in Australian traffic. "It's definitely more chaotic here in Italy," she said.
Source: Gale gets paid to stop the traffic (Australian, 3/19/2005)

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