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Australia: Double Camera Revenue, More Death
Speed camera revenue has doubled in Queensland, Australia but death and injury is not on the decline.

Despite a doubling of camera enforcement revenues over the past five years, there were more deaths on Queensland, Australia roads in the past year. From 2003, road deaths increased from 310 to 312 and serious injuries from 5799 to 5964. Yet speeding camera revenue jumped from $35 million in 1999 to $87 million in 2004. Last year, 7000 drivers immediately lost their license after receiving a single camera ticket.

Premier Peter Beattie has been making headlines by offering to dedicate $17 million of the speed camera revenue to "fix" black spots, or high-accident areas, on Queensland roads. "But while people are being silly and they are speeding and they go through red lights we'll end up with money," Beattie said.

Key Statistic:
Departmental figures show there were 310 deaths on Queensland roads in 2003 and 312 in 2004. Hospital visits following road accidents also rose from 5799 to 5964 in the same period.

Article Excerpt:
In 2003, the operating hours of Queensland's speed cameras were increased by 26,000 hours to 70,000 hours. After the 2003 increase in penalties, motorists caught driving less than 13km/h over the speed limit are now fined $100, $150 for 13-20km/h, $250 for 21-30km/h and $300 for 31-40km/h.
Source: Speeding revenue doubles in five years (The Courier-Mail (Australia), 3/14/2005)

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