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Alabama Red Light Camera Bill on Hold
The Alabama House has put red light camera legislation on hold.

Alabama Rep. David Grimes
Legislation to authorize red light cameras in the state of Alabama has hit a snag -- one that the bill's sponsor believes may kill its chance of passage.

"It just got trash-canned," said Rep. David Grimes (R-Montgomery). Grimes' legislation was referred on Wednesday to a subcommittee chaired by a possible opponent of the legislation. Both sides of the issue argued their case before a meeting of the House Public Safety Committee.

Companion legislation is pending in the state Senate.

Article Excerpt:
Rep. Demetrius Newton expressed concerns about what happens if the technology that runs the cameras or the traffic lights malfunctions. "It seems to put a burden on the person caught to prove that," Newton said.
Source: Committee delays action on bill to allow traffic light cameras (Associated Press, 3/9/2005)

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