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Two UK Speed Cameras Destroyed
Two UK speed cameras were destroyed this week, one in Chatteris and the other in Taunton.

A Taunton, UK speed camera was destroyed on Sunday night. The £10,000 device was located on the A358 in Henlade. It's one of twelve cameras in the area that have been destroyed with home-made bombs or burning tires since May.

In a separate incident, a camera in Chatteris, UK was seriously damaged by arsonists. The £40,000 device, located on the A142, will need to be replaced according to local officials.

Article Excerpt:
David Gollicker, Safety Camera Partnership communications manager... added: "It is particularly disturbing on a stretch of road that holds a community why people feel it is a bad camera."
Source: VIGILANTES WRECK CAMERA (Taunton Times, 3/3/2005)

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