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Legislative Roundup: Six States Say No To Cameras
Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Virginia have recently rejected red light cameras.

Red light for camera enforcement
You won't be seeing red light cameras in Florida, Hawaii, or Utah any time soon. Existing camera programs in North Carolina, Virginia and Texas continue on track toward termination.

At midnight, the city of High Point will become the first North Carolina jurisdiction to shut down its camera program after losing a court battle. Twelve more cities would follow if the lower court ruling is upheld.

Update: On Wednesday, March 3 the South Carolina Senate Transportation Committee adopted red light camera legislation despite a vote to reject similar legislation last Friday.

Also last Friday, the Speaker of the Virginia House defeated an attempt to reconsider camera legislation previously rejected by committee.

Last Thursday, the Speaker of the Florida House declared legislation to authorize cameras dead-on-arrival, which the bill's sponsor agrees is an insurmountable obstacle. The full Texas House of Representatives voted 109-30 to outlaw cameras last Wednesday.

Hawaii's Senate Transportation Committee tabled red light camera legislation on February 18. A Utah House committee did the same on the 15th.

In each state, recent studies in Virginia and North Carolina showing red light cameras increase accidents have played a significant role. This has happened despite efforts of camera supporters to downplay the importance of rear-end collisions which can, at times, be fatal. Proponents of the technology focus instead on claimed reductions in T-bone accidents.

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