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Texas House Votes 109-30 to Ban Red Light Cameras
The Texas House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill banning red light cameras in the state.

Texas Rep. Gary Elkins
As expected, the Texas state House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a measure that would outlaw red light cameras in the Lone Star state.

The bills sponsor, Rep. Gary Elkins of Houston said, "The will of the House shows we are still adamantly opposed to the use of red light cameras."

The Elkins bill closes a loophole that the cities of Garland and Houston were basing plans for implementing red light camera programs. Garland's program became operational in September 2003.

The bill now moves to the state senate where it is expected to pass. Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, the Senate's presiding officer, explained that there is "strong sentiment" for the bill in that chamber.

Article Excerpt:
The Legislature voted in 2003 to ban camera enforcement of criminal red light sanctions, but Houston proposes to issue civil citations to red-light violators caught by cameras.
Source: Texas House votes to outlaw use of traffic-light cameras (Houston Chronicle, 2/24/2005)

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