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Maltese Speed Camera Destroyed
A speed camera that has been blinding drivers in the Republic of Malta was smashed.

Maltese speed camera
A speed camera in the tiny Mediterranean island Republic of Malta was smashed over the weekend. Motorists had complained that the camera's flash has been blinding oncoming traffic at night.

Malta Today reported the comments of one motorist: "I literally had to stop the car because I couldn't see anything because of the flash. The camera itself is an accident hazard."

The Republic of Malta, a member of the European Union, has a population of 400,000.

Article Excerpt:
Road experts talking to MaltaToday said that such cameras, utilising powerful white flashes at night may not be suitable for Malta's narrow roads because of the risk of blinding oncoming motorists.
Source: Xemxija speed camera target of rage attack (Malta Today, 2/28/2005)

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