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UK Bus Driver Disproves 81 MPH Camera Ticket
Suffolk, UK bus driver disproves 81 MPH speed camera ticket.

British school bus
Forty-three year old driver Trevor Martin is lucky his school bus had a "tachograph" installed. That's a device that limits a vehicle's top speed to 62 MPH and records the speed at which it is driven for later review.

In this case, the device saved Martin's job, allowing him evidence to prove his innocence after he received a speed camera ticket for 81 MPH in the mail. Had he been convicted of this offense, his license would have been suspended and he likely would have been fired.

"It created quite a lot of stress and worry," Martin told the Evening Star. "My wife doesn't work and I bring the money in."

Article Excerpt:
"You're guilty until proved innocent, which isn't right," Martin said. "In a way I'm relieved I was in a bus. It made it easier because there was no way I could've been doing that speed. It would've been harder to prove if I was in a car."
Source: Bus driver proves speed camera wrong (Evening Star (UK), 2/17/2005)

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