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UK's Top Speed Camera Cop Nabbed at 97MPH
Derbyshire, UK's chief constable and speed camera proponent, caught riding in a car at 27 MPH over the limit.

Derbyshire Chief Constable David Coleman
In 2003, more than 59,000 motorists in Derbyshire, UK received speed camera tickets because of the efforts of Chief Constable David Coleman. Now it's Coleman's turn on the hot seat.

The top cap was being driven home on the M1 after a party in London in a blue BMW 5-series when a traffic officer clocked him with a hand-held radar at 97.03 MPH in a 60 MPH zone. Coleman's chauffeur, Kenneth Campbell, pleaded guilty in court on Tuesday and was fined £300 with 4 penalty points against his license.

The chief said of the incident, "I have no intention of offering any of the many lame excuses for speeding that have been offered to me by numerous members of the public over many years."

Article Excerpt:
The chief constable's tough stance, through which almost 60,000 drivers were caught in the Derbyshire in 2003, enraged some motorists, who took to sabotaging or destroying the cameras.
Source: Police chief's driver caught doing 97mph (The Scotsman (UK), 2/16/2005)

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