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UK's Royal Auto Club Pushes Car Spy Technology
Britain's Royal Auto Club advocates satellite-based spying on repeat offenders.

Spy satellite
Britain's Royal Auto Club is advocating satellite-based tracking systems to spy on "repeat or serious" speeding offenders. The RAC believes "Big Brother" technology is one of the only ways to get drivers to obey speed limit signs on roadways.

The UK government already has a plan to install black boxes on 400,000 trucks by 2008 in order to tax them for each mile driven. The insurance company Norwich Union installs black boxes in return for reduced insurance premiums.

The RAC also advocate technology that would display a driver's point tally on the windshield.

Article Excerpt:
The RAC report, which involved in-depth interviews with more than 1,000 drivers, concludes: 'Few motorists consider that the current regime will make them stick to the speed limit as a matter of course; our more fervent speeders would respond to more traffic police or a 'big brother' system where their movements are monitored by an in-car electronic device.' More than 60 per cent of habitual speeders questioned in the survey said they would obey the limit if they had a black box fitted.
Source: In-car spy best to curb speeding drivers (London Times, 2/7/2005)

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