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Derbyshire, UK Camera Torched. Wales Camera Flattened.
Images of a camera torched by a burning tire in Derbyshire, UK and 5 cameras are destroyed in Wales.

Torched camera, 1/24/05
Early in the morning on Monday, anti-camera activists tied a burning tire to a speed camera in Derbyshire, England. The result as seen in this photo was 8,000 GBP worth of damage. Officials are unsure whether the film of motorists within the speedcam was damaged by the blaze. Camera officials have vowed to add surveillance to their surveillance camera system to prevent future attacks.

Meanwhile, the South Wales Evening Post reports motorists are leaving notes expressing glee at a speed camera flattened by a car crash. Four cameras have been attacked on a 15 mile stretch of road in the area.

Article Excerpt:
Rebecca Hampson, of the Derbyshire Safety Camera Partnership, said: "The partnership is now in the process of arranging surveillance of certain fixed safety cameras. This will ensure that people who damage or attempt to damage our cameras can be identified and punished."

South Wales Evening Post: Motorists have been celebrating the accidental flattening of a speed camera in Surrey. The camera on a dual carriageway in Surbiton was damaged after being hit by a car. However motorists don't seem to mind with notes left at the scene including "Missing you 80mph."

Meanwhile, police have been investigating vandalism of four speed cameras on one 15-mile stretch of the A40 through Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.
Source: Firebugs put lives at risk (Derbyshire Times (UK), 1/27/2005)

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