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Hunter Valley, Australia: $53 Million in Fines, No Benefit
Despite collecting $53 million in yearly revenue, speed cameras in one New Zealand state have had no appreciable safety impact.

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Cameras in the Hunter Valley region of Australia have collected $53 million from a network of 11 cameras between 2003-2004. The area's top camera pulls in over $2000 per day. Since being installed, however, there has been no significant reduction in the road death toll.

Article Excerpt:
The road death toll has not fallen dramatically. In 2001, 73 people died on Hunter roads. The toll was 80 in 2002, 76 in 2003 and 71 last year. The state's 111 fixed speed cameras zapped about $53 million in 2003-2004.
Source: The Hunter's most lucrative speed camera (Newcastle Herald (Australia), 1/22/2005)

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