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North Carolina Police Chief Becomes Ticket Reviewer
In an illegal meeting, the ex-Monroe, North Carolina police chief becomes red light ticket reviewer.

Ex chief Bobby Hauk
Monroe, North Carolina's police chief Bobby Hauk retired. In a closed session that the city attorney admits was illegal, the city council voted to rehire Hauk as the city's red light camera ticket reviewer. For the same $78,769 salary, he would download the tickets at home and "review" them. This scheme has called in to question how much care and attention police devote to camera photos.

Article Excerpt:
The council voted 4-3 on Nov. 16 to rehire former Police Chief Bobby Haulk in a move that would allow him to claim benefits he forfeited with his Oct. 28 retirement. Haulk's new assignment was to review red light camera photos and internal policies, at his former salary of $78,769 a year, working from his home.
Source: Monroe vote on chief was illegal (Charlotte Observer, 1/20/2005)

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