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Random Drug Stops in Australia a Fiasco
A motorist stopped and accused of driving under the influence of drugs after a random roadside drug test has proven innocent.

John DeJong
Victoria, Australia recently began pulling over motorists randomly to administer a saliva-based test for marijuana and amphetamines with a mobile "drug bus." The police staged a media event, humiliating John De Jong -- a van driver who was the first to test positive in the program. The only problem is that independent lab testing has confirmed Mr De Jong, who has had no black mark on his driving record for 15 years, was innocent. The police refuse to apologize.

Article Excerpt:
"I was just the person who happened to be passing, who got pulled over. I've said all along, I was more than happy to do the test because I had nothing to hide," De Jong said.

Solicitor Katalin Blond, of Slater and Gordon, described the treatment of Mr De Jong as unacceptable.

"No one should go through this ordeal," Ms Blond said. "To be falsely accused of having these illicit drugs in your system is a huge burden to bear."
Source: Cleared driver wants apology (Herald Sun (Australia), 12/23/2004)

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