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Australian Camera Operators Routinely Get the Finger
Speed camera operators in Australia fear for their lives.

Thumbs down
Despite claims from the insurance industry that camera enforcement is universally popular, the South Australian experience suggests otherwise. Indications of public support for camera range from ramming speed camera cars to merely giving the finger to operators while passing by.

Article Excerpt:
Latest attacks include:
  • VEHICLES being deliberately rammed and side-swiped.
  • OPERATORS being pelted with rocks and beer bottles.
  • AGGRESSIVE motorists kicking and punching at operators' cars.
  • BURN-OUTS alongside operators' vehicles.
  • MIRRORS and aerials broken.

  • SIGNS stolen or defaced.
  • BEEPING of horns, finger gestures and abusive language.
Source: Review of camera road rage (The Advertiser (Australia), 12/29/2004)

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