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Royally Screwed: Duke Loses License
Speed camera ticket bans the Duke of Gloucester from driving.

Duke of Gloucester
What's the point of being in line to the throne of England if you can be banned from driving? The Duke of Gloucester received a speed camera ticket for doing 70mph in a 60mph zone. This his fourth offense in three years put him over the point limit. What's worse is that as President of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, he automatically loses his membership in the organization.

Article Excerpt:
As well as losing his licence, virtually automatic at 12 points unless there are exceptional circumstances, he was fined £60 with £35 costs. He admitted the offence and declined the court's offer to plead mitigation.

The Duke told the court: "I don't recall the offence so I don't really know what the circumstances were."
Source: Duke's speed was just too advanced (Times of London (UK), 12/23/2004)

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