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Camera Use Isn't Always Popular
Red light camera programs have been tried and rejected in many cities and states.

Cincinnati, Ohio is planning on installing a red light camera system, but the Cincinnati Post has run a story that recounts a number of high-profile failures that camera advocates love to forget. Interestingly, the author forgets to mention the most recent failure in Hawaii where cameras were used for a very short period before the revolt began.

Article Excerpt:
At least 15 cities nationally have yanked similar camera systems for various
reasons. Among them: lack of judicial support, technical problems, mounting
lawsuits and voter referendums forcing their withdrawal.

The cities that have stopped the practice of so-called photographic traffic
enforcement include Anchorage, Alaska; Peoria, Ill.; Oakland, Calif.; and
Pasadena, Calif.

Also, several states have banned the use of cameras for traffic enforcement
purposes including New Jersey, Wisconsin and Utah. ....
Officials in Cupertino, Calif., located in the Silicon Valley near San
Francisco, stopped its camera program in January after three years of use.
Although they initially planned on using seven cameras, four were installed in
that period and only two were fully operational, with the other two plagued by
technical glitches.
Source: 15 cities yanked their traffic cameras (Cincinnati Post, 12/20/2004)

Regional News:
Other news about Cincinnati, Ohio

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