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Unsafe at No Speed?
Red light camera issues tickets for racing through the intersection at zero miles per hour.

Manchester camera
A cab company in Manchester, UK has been hit with over 720 GBP in fines after its drivers were accused by a red light camera of blasting through the intersection at zero miles per hour. A spokesman for the camera operators actually explained, "It is not uncommon for 0mph to be recorded on some of the new cameras." This begs several questions -- why do some cameras record speeds, and others do not? And if those cabs weren't going 0 mph, why is erroneous information printed on the ticket?

Article Excerpt:
A CAB firm has called for a speed camera to be investigated after 12 drivers were clocked jumping a red traffic light - at zero miles per hour....
Each time a driver is clocked driving through a red traffic light they have to pay a £60 fine and three penalty points are put on their licence, which increases their car insurance premium.
Source: Cabbies caught jumping red light at 0mph (Manchester News (UK), 12/16/2004)

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