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74% of London Drivers Would Accept Speed Limiters
A majority of London drivers would trade control of their cars speed for a discount in their auto insurance premiums.
Fear of speed cameras in Britain is apparently so rampant that 74% said in a "" insurance company survey that they would allow a box to be added to their car to apply the brakes/cut the gas to keep from exceeding a certain speed. In return, they'd get a cut in their insurance premium -- although 14% said they would take the device even without that incentive. This is part of a trial from the UK Department for Transport. I'm not surprised people who would buy insurance from a company with a logo like that also embrace this idea.

Article Excerpt:
The survey of 1,000 motorists, commissioned by the car insurance company, found that 72 per cent of drivers would consider having limiters. Of those, 14 per cent would accept one without any financial incentive. The Department for Transport has commissioned trials of Intelligent Speed Adaptation, or ISA, which applies brakes or blocks acceleration.
Source: Drivers will cut speed to get cheap insurance (The Times (London, UK), 12/13/2004)

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