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Arizona Gives Final Approval to Freeway Photo Radar
Scottsdale, Arizona begins installation of its lucrative new freeway speed camera system

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Arizona Department of Transportation officials yesterday gave final approval to Scottsdale's plan to install automated speeding ticket cameras on the Loop 101 freeway. The city will start installing the devices overnight today with cameras being ready to issue the first tickets by February 9. Early estimates suggested the city could issue between 1500 and 2500 tickets every day, generating $235,000 in daily revenue.

The program will first target individuals doing 11 MPH over the 65 MPH speed limit, collecting around $157 for each photo taken along the 7.8 mile stretch of highway. Australian camera vendor Redflex collects a $42.48 bounty for every citation it is able to generate.

In 2004, Scottsdale issued $9.3 million in photo tickets causing a near doubling in the city's fatality rate. The city is hoping the new system will add tens of millions of dollars to its budget.

Source: Cameras on Loop 101 get state approval (East Valley Tribune, 12/22/2005)

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