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Missouri Filled With Speed Traps
More than a dozen Missouri cities receive between a quarter and half of their city budget from speeding tickets.

Missouri cop
More than a dozen Missouri municipalities receive between a quarter and half of their entire budget from traffic tickets. The practice is so widespread that the legislature placed the state's "Director of Revenue" in charge of the speeding ticket point system.

In the north St. Louis County town of Bel-Ridge, for example, police issue the equivalent of three speeding tickets for each resident annually. About $699,000 of the town's total budget of $1.4 million comes from these traffic fines.

The town generating the most speeding ticket revenue, Country Club Hills, earns sixty-one percent of its income from tickets. The town's mayor was recently sentenced to five years in prison for unrelated theft.

The following cities make a quarter or more of their budget from traffic citations:
CityTicket Revenue
as % of Budget
Country Club Hills61%
Bella Villa59%
Calverton Park56%
Moline Acres41%
Cool Valley37%
Bellerive Acres36%
Vinita Terrace35%
Flordell Hills30%
Velda City30%
St. George28%
Clarkson Valley25%

Source: I-Team Ranks Top Traffic Ticket Writers (KSDK-TV, 11/9/2005)

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