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Arlington, VA Treasurer Defends Bootfinder Confiscation
Arlington, Virginia will seize vehicle plates if city believes you owe money for anything.

Arlington Treasurer Frank OLearyArlington, Virginia's county treasurer, Frank O'Leary, appeared on WMAL radio Friday to defend the city's Bootfinder car confiscation program. The county's camera system is used to scan license plates in order to find owners whom it believes owe as little as $120 for anything, including overdue library books.

"I rub my hands together in great glee and anticipation," O'Leary said in a local television interview. "I think it's beautiful, it gives us a whole new dimension to collection."

Since late last year, the county has seized the license plates from 280 cars in order to generate more than $160,000 in revenue. Arlington is so pleased with the program that are expanding the program so that it operates on weekends as well as weekdays.

Although the county is only confiscating license plates now, it reserves the right to tow vehicles in the future. "You can not hide, we will find you," an Arlington spokesman said. "If on Saturday you're sleeping a little late, we'll have your car."

O'Leary appeared on the Michael Graham show. Listen to the show in MP3 format (WMAL website)

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