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UK: Speed Camera Torched, Petition Signed
A speed camera in Plympton, UK is torched. Some 180 motorists have petitioned the court over a speed camera trap they say is unfair.

A speed camera on Plymouth Road in Plympton, UK was badly damaged around 4am on Wednesday. A burning tire was used to set the camera housing on fire, but the Devon Fire and Rescue Service extinguished the blaze before the device was destroyed.

In Stoke, UK motorists are lining up to support the speed camera challenge of Ray Leese, 51. Leese contends the mobile cameras on the A500 were positioned to trap unsuspecting drivers with an unnecessarily low speed limit. So far, 180 have signed a petition for presentation to the court.

Source: About 180 people have flocked to join a court protest against the positioning of mobile speed traps (Stoke Sentinel (UK), 11/24/2005)

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