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Iowa: Bogus Red Light Ticket Triggers System Review
A mayoral candidate seeks review after red light camera issues ticket to innocent woman and police would not hear her appeal.

Davenport camera ticketThe case of a woman falsely accused by a camera of running a red light in Davenport, Iowa could trigger a review of the system. Alderman Steve Ahrens called for a streamlining of the appeals process in a city council committee meeting yesterday.

Ahrens referred to Deven Miller, whose red light camera ticket showed a photograph of someone else's car with a license plate that was not entirely readable.

"They pretty much guessed at what the license plate number was and they guessed wrong," Brian Chaney, Miller's father, explained to the Quad-City Times.

Miller followed the steps listed on the back of the ticket to prove her own innocence. She took off time from work twice to appeal, and in both cases she was told -- without notice -- that nobody was available to hear it. Ahrens, a candidate for mayor, thinks that should not happen again.

The camera system has generated $162,500 in revenue this year and increased the number of accidents at some intersections.

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"She didn't get anywhere following the instructions on the ticket," Chaney said. "If that happened to my daughter, how many others has it happened to?"
Source: Appeal leads to stoplight camera review (Quad-City Times (IA), 9/30/2005)

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