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Unsafe at No Speed?
Red light camera issues tickets for racing through the intersection at zero miles per hour.

Manchester cameraA cab company in Manchester, UK has been hit with over 720 GBP in fines after its drivers were accused by a red light camera of blasting through the intersection at zero miles per hour. A spokesman for the camera operators actually explained, "It is not uncommon for 0mph to be recorded on some of the new cameras." This begs several questions -- why do some cameras record speeds, and others do not? And if those cabs weren't going 0 mph, why is erroneous information printed on the ticket?

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A CAB firm has called for a speed camera to be investigated after 12 drivers were clocked jumping a red traffic light - at zero miles per hour....
Each time a driver is clocked driving through a red traffic light they have to pay a £60 fine and three penalty points are put on their licence, which increases their car insurance premium.
Source: Cabbies caught jumping red light at 0mph (Manchester News (UK), 12/16/2004)

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