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Suffolk, UK Admits to Faulty Speed Camera
Government officials admit to spurious readings from Suffolk, UK camera.

Suffolk Safety CameraThe organization that operates the Earl Stonham speed camera in Suffolk, UK has now admitted that the device has produced "spurious" readings. This admission follows the January case of a bus driver accused of driving 81 MPH in a bus equipped with a speed limiter and speed recording device that conclusively proved he was only driving 29 MPH.

Suffolk blames the problem on human error, adding "It is important to note that no drivers have actually been prosecuted in these circumstances and that as soon as the errors came to light they were corrected and an apology made."

A technical review is underway.

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One of the drivers falsely accused was bus driver Trevor Martin... He said last night: "A lot of people in private cars would not have the safety of an onboard tachograph and without that the whole experience could be more stressful and could leave you with points wrongly on your licence.
Source: Speed camera made (East Anglian Daily Times (UK), 3/16/2005)

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