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Update: Indiana Senate Accepts Red Light Cameras
Indiana state senate defeats a legislation that would have allowed red light cameras.

State Senator R. Michael YoungUpdate: On Wednesday the full Indiana Senate voted 31-17 to accept the red light camera legislation that had been adopted in committee. The bill's sponsor was able to bring it to a vote because the committee had not rejected the bill by a sufficient margin under that chamber's rules.

On Monday, an Indiana state Senate committee voted 23-25 to defeat a bill that would have allowed ten cities to begin a red light camera pilot program. This is a significant change since in the past similar bills have passed in the Senate only to die in the House.

Indianapolis Senator R. Michael Young cited studies showing increases in crashes at intersections that use cameras as reason enough to reject the bill.

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Young suggested an increase in the duration of yellow lights to decrease the number of red-light runners without penalizing citizens. Young and other senators said they believe the bill would simply be a money maker for the government.
Source: Parochial busing bill dies in House (Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette (Indiana), 3/1/2005)

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