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New York Lawyer Takes Two Years to Beat 1 Minute Parking Ticket
New York City, New York parking ticket over alleged one minute violation takes nearly two years to settle.

New York Supreme Court, ManhattanA parking ticket dispute over one minute reached all the way to New York County, New York Supreme Court for Manhattan. Sanford F. Young, 55, received a $65 ticket on November 29, 2005 for allegedly parking one minute before he was supposed to in New York City, New York. According to Young's watch, he had parked at 7:02pm, two minutes after parking restrictions had ended.

The New York City Department of Finance refused to back down beyond a offer to reduce the fine to $43. Young refused to take it, and a city administrative law judge found him guilty. Young, a lawyer, was not about to let the city get away with it. He appealed his case on principle and put in the equivalent of $9935 in billable hours to prove his innocence.

On Thursday, Justice Emily Jane Goodman found Young not guilty and ordered the city to refund the $65. View decision in a 195k PDF file.

Source: 10G TO BEAT$65 PARKING TICKET (New York Post, 6/15/2007)

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