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New York Lawyer Takes Two Years to Beat 1 Minute Parking Ticket
New York City, New York parking ticket over alleged one minute violation takes nearly two years to settle.

New York Supreme Court, Manhattan
A parking ticket dispute over one minute reached all the way to New York County, New York Supreme Court for Manhattan. Sanford F. Young, 55, received a $65 ticket on November 29, 2005 for allegedly parking one minute before he was supposed to in New York City, New York. According to Young's watch, he had parked at 7:02pm, two minutes after parking restrictions had ended.

The New York City Department of Finance refused to back down beyond a offer to reduce the fine to $43. Young refused to take it, and a city administrative law judge found him guilty. Young, a lawyer, was not about to let the city get away with it. He appealed his case on principle and put in the equivalent of $9935 in billable hours to prove his innocence.

On Thursday, Justice Emily Jane Goodman found Young not guilty and ordered the city to refund the $65. View decision in a 195k PDF file.

Source: 10G TO BEAT$65 PARKING TICKET (New York Post, 6/15/2007)

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