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UK: Parking Tickets are Bad for Tourism
UK county tourism official suggests government may be losing more money in tourism as it generates with parking tickets.

Cumbria TourismThe chief executive for tourism in Cumbria, UK issued a warning that the reliance on parking tickets for revenue is driving away tourists and the millions in revenue they bring to the county.

"There is evidence of overzealous car parking attendants," Cumbria Tourism's head, Ian Stephens, told The Cumberland News. "They fine people for being a few minutes late or parked slightly outside the bay. Some would say they are being ripped off... people are not getting out of their cars and spending. Cumbria's losing millions of pounds."

Stephens has asked municipal authorities to back off and adopt friendlier policies. He suggests standardizing parking systems and creating transferable parking passes that can be purchased and used anywhere in Cumbria. He also suggests spaces near popular spots should be cheaper.

Keswick, for example, issued 7000 parking tickets and generated £186,055 (US $353,421) in profit in 2004.

Source: Parking problems costing us millions warns tourism chief (Cumberland News (UK), 9/22/2006)

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