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Houston Thwarts Red Light Camera Challenge
Houston, Texas Police Department blocks an attempt by a local activist to challenge the red light camera program in court.

Michael KuboshAn attempt by Houston, Texas resident Michael Kubosh to challenge the city's red light camera system was thwarted yesterday by local police. Kubosh can only take the city to court if he is mailed a red light camera citation, so he announced his intention to run the light at Milam and Elgin streets at a time when the streets were empty.

A squad car, however, was waiting off to the side. Instead of a flash from the red light camera -- which some suggest may have been turned off -- he was stopped by a live Houston Police Department (HPD) officer.

"It shows the length they will try to go to to protect this money-making scheme," Kubosh said moments before his attempt. "This is big money. It is the classic example of David and Goliath. "

Kubosh stated a number of legal objections to the use of automated ticketing machines that are planned for fifty intersections.

"Over half the time somebody gets a ticket, it's someone else driving the car," he said. "It's wrong. The Texas House of Representatives in the last four sessions has voted overwhelmingly against red light camera bills, and yet the city has gone ahead on its own and installed this red light camera system here."

Now Michael Kubosh plans to run another light -- with family members guarding the intersection to make sure there is no possibility of a collision -- without letting HPD know. Kubosh will be represented in court by his brother Paul, an attorney.

"The city has been hoodwinked by vendors into another money grab scheme," Michael Kubosh said.

Source: Houston bondsman runs red light to make a point (KHOU-TV (TX), 9/18/2006)

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