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Texas: Man to Run Light to Fight Traffic Camera
A Houston, Texas attorney is taking on traffic cameras by having his client intentionally run a light to get a ticket.

Paul KuboshTexas attorney Paul Kubosh plans to fight what he sees as an illegal red light camera system in Houston by staging a red light running incident tomorrow at 7am. With men stationed at each side of the intersection to ensure there will be no potential for cross-traffic, Kubosh's brother will run the light at Milam and Elgin streets.

"We're drawing a line in the sand," Kubosh told KPRC radio.

Houston police are also considering undermining the plan by sending a police officer to the intersection to issue a regular red light running ticket to avoid the court challenge. Kubosh's argument hinges on the way in which the city has converted a criminal offense into a civil crime, denying motorists the ability to defend themselves fully in court by shifting the burden of proof to the owner of a vehicle. Kubosh says Houston never thought about installing cameras until it began running a budget deficit and needed the extra revenue.

Source: Red-Light Cameras Provoke Intentional Ticket (KPRC Radio (TX), 9/15/2006)

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