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Bermuda: Woman Arrested for Flipping Off Cop
A court sentenced a woman to one-year probation for flipping off a cop over a parking ticket.

Bermuda copExtending your middle finger in the direction of a police officer who just wrote you a ticket can get you arrested in Bermuda. Samantha Francis Hill, 20, pleaded guilty on June 4 to "using offensive behavior" in an incident involving a police officer ticketing motorcycles in Paget.

Hill noticed the officer issuing tickets and was able to move her motorcycle before he could write up her vehicle, angering the officer. Hill added insult to injury by extending her middle digit toward him as she drove away. The cop gave chase and arrested Hill.

A Bermuda Magistrates' Court sentenced Hill to a conditional discharge where she can avoid a permanent criminal record only if she refrains from committing any offense, including flipping off another officer, for one full year.

Source: Woman apologises for gesture towards Police officer (Royal Gazette (Bermuda), 6/10/2006)

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