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UK: Fake Speed Camera Stolen
Vigilante motorist removes fake box set up by vigilante speed camera enthusiast in Newton Harcourt, UK.

Gordon Crosbie with fake cameraEarlier this month, speed camera enthusiasts Grahame Spendlove-Mason and John Baker set up a fake speed camera -- complete with warning signs -- on Glen Road in the Leicestershire, UK village of Newton Harcourt. It did not last long. A vigilante motorist last weekend hauled away the false vigilante camera that had cost £200 (US $365) to construct. Leicestershire County Council officials believed the false camera, which generated no revenue, had been illegal anyway. They removed the signs.

"The siting of an illegal dummy camera at this location was causing serious highway safety concerns," a council spokesman told the Leicester Mercury. "However, as the item has now been removed, no further legal action is likely to be taken."

This month, another homemade speed camera made an appearance on the A631 in the village of Glentham (shown). Sixty-three year old resident Gordon Crosbie took the law into his own hands after the Lincolnshire speed camera partnership concluded the road was not dangerous and did not meet the criteria for setting up a camera.

Source: A fake speed camera put up in a village to slow traffic has been chopped down. (Leicester Mercury (UK), 4/29/2006)

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