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Canada: Man Ticketed for Stopping at Red Light
Red light camera in Ottawa, Canada accuses man of red light running while stopped at an intersection.

ParaTranspoGerald Lepitre, 43, will appear before an Ottawa, Canada provincial offenses court today to argue that an automated camera should not have issued him a $180 red light running ticket on November 1. Although Lepitre stopped before crossing the intersection of Heron Road and Riverside Drive, the device still issued a citation because he passed over the stop bar line. Lepitre drives a small bus for ParaTranspo, a service designed to assist the disabled.

"I'm not a person who goes out and violates the law," Lepitre, told the Ottawa Citizen. "I didn't go through and I did stop."

The city is standing by the ticket. Ottawa's eight red light cameras cameras have generated $2.6 million in revenue since 2001.

Source: Motorist fumes over over ticket after he stopped at red light (Ottawa Citizen (Canada), 3/27/2006)

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