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France, Germany: Speed Cameras Mocked, Charred
Protest staged on French speed camera while another device roasted last week. German police rescue a photo radar unit from being set alight.

Yannick Krommenacker
In Strasbourg, France, Yannick Krommenacker on Friday protested the use of photo radar by dressing up in a thief costume. Sitting atop the camera mounted on a tall pole, Krommenacker tossed euros to passersby below. The man had performed a similar demonstration wearing a chicken costume in May 2018. Police used ladder trucks from the fire department to bring him down. No charges were filed since the camera was not damaged. In Lecousse, the speed camera on the RN12 was destroyed by fire on May 26.

In Rosenheim, Germany, a 54-year-old man pried open the housing of the mobile speed camera and poured in gasoline. According to the local police, a passing patrol saw what was going on in time and prevented the automated ticketing machine from going up in flames.

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