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France, Italy: Speed Cameras Spraypainted, Stoned
Stones and spraypaint took out dozens of European speed cameras last week.

Stoned red light camera
In Montain, France, on Saturday, vigilantes used black spraypaint to disable the frequently attacked speed camera on the D70, marking the thirteenth such attack in the Jura region since last month, Le Progres reported. In Belfort, the speed camera was wrapped in a trash bag on Saturday, according to L'Est Republicain. The same fate befell the automated ticketing machine on the CD945 in Mazerolles last week, La Republique des Pyrenees reported. Back spraypaint disabled the photo radar unit on the RD619 in Saint Lye, according to L'Est-eclair. The same shade took out the speed camera in Berles-Monchel on Tuesday, La Voix du Nord reported. Silver paint was used on the camera issuing tickets on the RD988 in Les Mazures last week Sunday, according to L'Ardennais. Gold paint graced the lenses of the speed camera on the RN88 in Le Puy-en-Velay, Le Progres reported. Orange was the color of choice for the speed camera on the RD977 in Cheveuges on Friday, according to Radio 8. A pair of cameras on the RN66 and RD466 in Wittelsheim were covered with black paint, L'Alsace reported.

Vigilantes in Calvisano, Italy, smashed a red light camera with a rock on Wednesday. According to Qui Brescia, police have no idea who might be responsible.

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