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Australia, France, Luxembourg, Malta: Speed Cameras Destroyed
Speed cameras around the world are involved in crashes, are spraypainted and are swiped.

Malta ambulance crash
Vigilantes in the tiny country of Luxembourg disabled a speed camera shortly after it had been installed last week. According to ADW, the device on the N24 near Beckerich had its lenses smashed. It will cost 964 euros (US $1045) to repair.

In Tasmania, Australia, vigilantes used an angle grinder to cut down a speed camera. ABC News reported that camera equipment and batteries were removed from the housing on the Midlands Highway in Launceston.

Vigilantes in Annezin, France blinded a speed camera last week Monday. According to La Voix du Nord, the automated ticketing machine on the RD943 has already been repaired. On the same day, the speed cmaera in Morieux was spraypainted blue, Ouest-France reported. In Montain, red paint covered the lenses on the D70 speed camera, while the phrase "Stop Repression" was painted on the side in black, according to Le Progres.

In Malta, a speed camera failed to prevent an accident involving an ambulance on Friday. The Independent reported that three injured patients were being taken to the hospital when the speed camera collision on the Birkirkara bypass took place. As a result, the ambulance driver and paramedic added themselves to the list of injured.

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