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France, The Netherlands, UK: Speed Camera Vigilantes Make A Statement
French vigilantes disable speed cameras as political statement while the Dutch disabled 39 cameras last year, and the British one last week.

Clown camera
In Lot-et-Garonne, France, vigilantes used speed cameras to make a political statement last week Tuesday. The devices were covered with color posters depicting French agriculture minister Stephane Le Foll, member of the Socialist Party, as a clown. According to Sud Ouest, the posters carried the headline: "The new spectacle of the Circus Le Foll." The group Les Canards En Colere (angry ducks) took credit, claiming their motivation was to deprive the government of revenue as payback for its treatment of out-of-work farmers.

In Vimy, France, vigilantes disabled the speed camera on the RN17 last week Tuesday. In Landes, a speed camera that had just been installed three weeks ago was covered with green spraypaint on Thursday, Sud Ouest reported. In Chenedolle, vigilantes covered the speed camera on the RD512 with a thick coat of brown spraypaint on February 25, L'Orne Combattante reported.

Vigilantes in Surrey, England torched a speed camera on Wednesday. A gasoline-soaked tire was used on the ticketing device, located on the B2032 Dorking Road in Boxhill, according to the Surrey Mirror.

In The Netherlands, Flemish officials were pleased to note that automated ticketing machines were only damaged by vigilantes 39 times last year, down from the previous year's 56 incidents, Het Laatste Nieuws reported. Three cameras were completely destroyed, 25 were burned, 5 were involved in collisions, 2 were spraypainted and 2 were struck by "foreign objects."

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