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France, Italy: Speed Cameras Torched, Demolished
Fire, paint and collisions disabled speed cameras in Europe and South America last week.

Speed camera crash
In Solagna, Italy, a newly installed speed camera failed to prevent an accident on Friday, Il Giornale di Vicenza reported. A small sedan slammed into the device, destroying its ability to issue tickets.

Vigilantes in Chaux, France, torched a speed camera on Sunday. According to Est Republicain, the same device had been spraypainted white two weeks ago. White was also the color of choice on the D960 in Val-d'Auzon, L'Est Eclair reported. In Saint-Hostien, the camera on the RN88 that had been attacked the previous week was spraypainted again on Sunday, marking the third time in three weeks that the device has been taken out of service, Le Progres reported. The frequently attacked speed camera on the D781 in Kervignac was spraypainted white last week, according to Le Telegramme.

Vigilantes in French Guiana used burning tires to eliminate a speed camera last week, France Guyane reported. The camera had been issuing tickets on the road between Gaston and Monnerville in Saint-Laurent du Maroni.

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