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France, UK: Flood, Fire and Paint Disables Speed Cameras
Flooding, fires and cans of spraypaint take several speed cameras out of service in England and France.

Flooded speed camera near Paris
Mother Nature took a speed camera out of service in Argenteuil, France on Friday. The automated ticketing machine on the D311 was almost entirely submerged as heavy rains caused flooding along the Seine. In Ceyssac, vigilantes last Monday destroyed the speed camera on the RD590 by setting it on fire, Le Progres reported. Red spraypaint was used in Cuzieu to disable the speed camera on the RD 1082 last weekend, according to Le Progres. Red paint was also used to disable the speed camera in Vercia, Le Progres reported.

Vigilantes in Kidderminster, England torched a speed camera last week Monday. According to the Kidderminster Shuttle, a burning tire was used to take out the automated ticketing machine on Wolverhampton Road.

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