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2010 Year in Review
The ten most popular stories on for the year 2010.

2010 Year in Review
The following were the ten most viewed stories on during 2010.
  1. More Lawsuits Seek to End Red Light Cameras
    Attorney files class action lawsuit against red light cameras in Bradenton, Florida. Even red light camera vendor Redflex admitted photo enforcement was illegal at the time.

  2. City Profits From Right Turn Trap
    Los Angeles, California red light camera caught racking up $500 tickets by exploiting a split-second traffic signal mistiming.

  3. Court Rules DUI Possible in Inoperable Vehicle
    Minnesota Supreme Court upholds drunk driving conviction on a man asleep behind the wheel of an undriven, possibly inoperable vehicle.

  4. Appellate Decision Strikes Down Red Light Camera Evidence
    Three-judge appellate panel finds evidence from the Santa Ana, California red light camera program was inadmissible hearsay.

  5. Italy: Prosecution Advances in Red Light Camera Fraud Scandal
    Thirty-eight public officials and corporate officers face corruption charges in widespread criminal investigation into Italy's use of red light cameras.

  6. Attorney General Upholds Right to Video Traffic Stops
    Maryland's top legal official rules that state police were wrong to charge a motorcyclist with felony for recording his traffic stop and posting it on YouTube.

  7. Legislation Would Create Green Light Cameras
    California lawmaker seeks to use cameras to ticket San Francisco drivers making prohibited right-hand turns on green.

  8. Maryland Speed Camera Program Faces New Legal Challenge
    Speed camera tickets issued on the weekend in Maryland may be thrown out in court over a lack of calibration.

  9. Appeals Court Upholds Discrimination Suit Against Police
    Minnesota Appeals Court fines Minneapolis police officers who had harassed a former judge who happened to be black.

  10. Facebook Page Undermines Covert Speed Camera Effort
    Facebook page exposes covert Queensland, Australia Police Service speed camera vehicles meant to entrap motorists.

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