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Thousands Injured and Killed in Non-Driving Car Accidents
US Department of Transportation finds 841,000 injured in vehicle accidents that have nothing to do with driving.

Traffic Safety Facts
A US Department of Transportation study released last month showed that thousands are injured or killed each year in vehicle-related accidents that are wholly unrelated to driving. A total of of 1747 fatalities and 841,000 injuries are the result each year of non-traffic crashes and non-crash incidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The agency compiled the estimates to provide the first-ever look at the magnitude of accidents that cannot be resolved with a new law enforced with traffic citations.

Among the findings were that a total of 168 individuals are killed each year by falling vehicles with another 88 dying after they themselves fall out of a car. Five are killed by electric windows and three die while locked in the trunk. About 22 percent of injuries are caused while entering or exiting a vehicle. Twenty percent of injuries are caused by car doors while 10,000 find themselves in a hospital after an incident involving a hoist or a jack. NHTSA compiled the information from a number of sources including police reports, hospital records and an injury database maintained by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Annual Estimate of Non-crash Injuries by Incident Type

Injured by Closing Door148,000



Boarding or Alighting: Falls84,000

Struck or Struck by Other Vehicle Part

(not door, hood or trunk)
Cut by Part of Vehicle68,000

Boarding or Alighting: Other Injuries

(such as strains or sprains)
Boarding or Alighting: Door Injury36,000
Fall Against Vehicle28,000

Fall From Vehicle

(not boarding or alighting)

Struck by Other Product

(usually cargo)
Radiator/Antifreeze Burns9,000

Other Hoist/Jack Incident

(not involving a tire)
Vehicle Fire Incident3,000
Muffler/Exhaust Pipe Burns


Closing of Vehicle Window2,000
Carbon Monoxide From Vehicle Exhaust2,000
Hoist/Jack Incident With Tire2,000
Tire Explosion1,000
Battery Acid Burn1,000

Hyperthermia in Vehicle

(excessive heat)

View a summary of the results in a 150k PDF file at the source link below.

Source: PDF File Not-in-Traffic Surveillance 2007 (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1/29/2009)

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