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Washington: Soldier in Iraq Accused of Running Red Light in Seattle
Two red light cameras accuse a soldier serving in Iraq of running red lights in Washington state.

US military vehicle
Red light cameras in Washington state have claimed that a car belonging to a soldier serving in Iraq for the past ten months has been running red lights. Seattle traffic cameras claimed that the black 1998 Honda belonging to US Army Sergeant First Class Kevin Henyan blew through red lights in May and June last year while a SeaTac camera said the Honda did so this January. Henyan's father, Arnie, told KING-TV that the cameras got it wrong.

"I kind of laughed, because it's an impossibility," Henyan said. "He's in Iraq. Has been since April."

KING reported that Sergeant Henyan is part of the Fort Lewis Stryker brigade currently in Tikrit and that his car is in storage. The fully automated process that issues the $124 tickets misread the license plate 470-MDI as 470-MOI, a plate that belongs to a silver sedan that looks nothing like Henyan's. Lakewood police blamed the city's verification system for the problem, but the National Motorists Association is not convinced.

"There is a cost to an individual when they are forced to fight an unfair ticket," the advocacy group stated on its website. "The process involves extra paperwork, a trip to court, and taking off time from work... The bottom line is that an innocent driver should never have to fix the government's mistake. Especially not on their own time."

Source: Red-light camera leads to case of mistaken identity (KING-TV (WA), 2/7/2008)

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