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New Mexico: 1300 Bogus Speed Camera Tickets Issued
Former high-ranking Albuquerque, New Mexico police officer files lawsuit against inaccurate speed camera citations.

Sonny Leeper
A former police captain is suing Albuquerque, New Mexico to force the city to refund speed camera citations that were improperly issued. When three of the city's television stations brought cameras to the administrative hearing where Sonny Leeper was to defend himself, the retired captain was quickly found not guilty of speeding.

Leeper, who left the Albuquerque Police Department last year, had been accused of driving 42 MPH in a 40 MPH construction zone. The camera, however, had been set to ticket people exceeding 30 MPH, even though there was no 30 MPH sign posted. Leeper has teamed up with several other defendants and attorney Paul Livingston to demand refunds for up to 1300 motorists wrongly accused. The city admitted that "hundreds" have already had fines canceled after asking, but Leeper worries about the rest.

"They just send in their $100 to $150 fine," Leeper told KOB-TV. "Are those people being notified? Are they getting a refund for this mistake?"

The city insists refunds will only be given to those who take a day off to come to an administrative hearing.

Source: Former officer challenges camera program (KOB-TV (NM), 12/1/2007)

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