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Pennsylvania: Innocent Man Handcuffed Over $10 Parking Ticket
The manager of a car dealership in Narbeth, Pennsylvania was handcuffed over a $10 parking ticket for which he was not responsible.

Dennis Crilly
A car dealer in Narbeth, Pennsylvania was handcuffed for forty minutes over a $10 parking ticket -- even though the man was not responsible for the alleged violation. Montgomery County Deputy Constable Steven Sokoloff handcuffed General Sales Manager Dennis Crilly in the middle of the day in the showroom, accusing him of being a parking scofflaw who owed $150 from a single May ticket, originally worth $10, likely generated by a customer who bought a car from the Sport Chrysler dealership.

"It was somebody else's parking ticket, it had nothing to do with us," Crilly told KYW-TV.

A judge yesterday relieved Sokoloff of his powers pending further review of his conduct. Crilly remains upset that the incident caused significant loss of business as potential buyers left at the sight of the police. The district attorney is also considering criminal charges against Sokoloff.

Sokoloff defended his actions in an interview with KYW, stating that the handcuffs were necessary, "Because he wanted to be handcuffed for forty minutes."

Source: Constable Loses Power After Ticket Flap (KYW-TV (PA), 10/18/2007)

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