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Canada: Rookie Cop Attempts to Bribe Photo Cop
A police officer in Edmonton, Canada keeps his job after he attempted to bribe the operator of a speed camera van.

Speed camera van
A police officer in Edmonton, Canada attempted to get out of a speed camera ticket by offering a bribe to the officer operating the automated ticketing machine. A police disciplinary board on Thursday found Constable Daniel Chagnon guilty of attempting to influence special Constable Vern Larson.

"Would a bottle make this go away?" Chagnon asked Larson on March 6.

Around midnight that day, Chagnon had been driving 65km/h (40 MPH) in a 50km/h (31 MPH) zone on 97th Street and 112 Avenue. After noticing a flash in his rearview mirror, Chagnon realized he had just sped past a photo radar van. He made a U-turn and approached Larson with his offer, which Larson refused.

Superintendent Mark Logar, the head of internal affairs, ruled that an attempt to bribe a police force volunteer with alcohol was not a crime worth firing Chagnon over. Instead, he ruled that the rookie officer should remain on the force suffering only the lightest reprimand -- a ten hour pay suspension that will cost about $300-400.

Affiliated Computer Services and another Edmonton officer face trial over a bribery scandal involving trips, sporting event tickets and other benefits handed to police officers in a successful attempt to land a lucrative $90 million photo enforcement contract. Hearings also took place this week in the scandal involving police attempts to frame Kerry Diotte for drunk driving after the Edmonton Sun journalist had written columns questioning the effectiveness of photo radar.

Source: City cop keeps his job after attempted bribe (Edmonton Journal (Canada), 9/29/2007)

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